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Posted by:info On 2022-01-21

EFMaflon®-25 Series PTFE Multi-Functional Vents
(Water-proof, Dust-proof, Oil-proof, Breathable and Sound Permeable)

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 Reel Type (New!)

EFMaflon®-25 Series Multi-Functional Vents are combined with pure PTFE (Teflon®) and high tack adhesive. By having this high viscosity, our vents can attach to different surfaces and therefore can protect products against contaminations caused by water, dust, salt, corrosive liquid, etc. With this increased protection, products are able to maintain their functions under harsh environmental conditions. Our water-proof/ dust-proof membrane meets the standard of IP68 and is capable of withstanding extreme temperature or ultraviolet.


- Water/Dust Proof Level to IP68
  (SGS report No. HC10042/2013)
- ISO 22810 (30meters for 10min)
- Excellent Chemical Inert
- Wide Range of Service Temperature
- UV Resistance
- Salt Resistance
  (SGS report No. HC90096A/2010)
  (SGS report No. HC90097A/2010)
- RoHS
  (SGS report No.CE/2022/ETR22205268~270)
- EU Reach Regulation
- UL94 (UL File No. E54681)
- Simple Installation
- Customized Design / Manufacture

- Portable Electronic Devices
  (NB, Mobile phones, Laptops/Tablets, Smart Wearable Devices, Headphones/Earphones, Walkie-talkies)
- Telecommunicate Equipments
  (Wireless Access Points, Antennas, CCTVs)
- Household Appliances 
  (Hand-held heating devices, Razors)

- Medical Equipment / Medical Filters 
- Speakers / Microphones / Buzzers
- Gas/Pressure Sensores
- LED Outdoor Lighting

- Plant Tissue Culture
- Automotive Devices / Electronics 
  (TPMS, Car lights, ECU, Dashcam, Motors, Parking sensor, Blind Spot Detection Radar)
- Food / Industrial Packaging Containers

                   PTFE Membrane Structure                                    Reel Type Vent

            PTFE結構.jpg    Reel type.png