EF-Materials Industries Inc.:Thermal Insulating ePTFE-Aerogel film

Posted by:info On 2022-01-21

EFMaflon® ePTFE has excellent 3D network construction and lots of air pore volume. When it combines with Aerogel material, the composite membrane play more powerful thermal insulate ability. The ePTFE/Aerogel composite membrane with a very low thermal conductivity can be used in electronic device, the whole system will  summarized the heat energy better and transferred them to the cooling system to reduce the hot spots inside the device. This material is not only used in the consumer market, as long as there is a phenomenon of heat transfer, that you can use our material to manage the thermal transfer.


•Electronic device: Mobile phone、Notebook、Pad
•Construction: Roof、building material
•Vehicle: Car lining



When we install the heat insulation film, the blocked heat can be more effectively conducted out of the heat pipe, so that the surface of the product case can maintain a low temperature.



ePTFE-Aerogel film thickness1


Thermal Conductivity< 0.03 W/m*k

Dielectric constant

< 1.5

Loss tangent

< 0.015

Typical signal loss

< 0.3dB

Operating temperature (film only)


Protective cover film

Customized design (PET、PI…etc.)

Adhesive typeThickness <0.01mm, Customized design
RoHSMeets threshold requirements

1For customized designs, please feel free to contact us.