EF-Materials Industries Inc.:Filtration & Separation technology

Posted by:info On 2022-01-22

EF-Materials Industries Inc. provides PTFE porous membrane filtration products, which can be laminated with various base fabric materials according to customer needs, making the products suitable for air filtration, exhaust and liquid filtration applications.

The pore size of PTFE porous membrane is defined as 0.05/0.1/0.2/0.45/0.8/1.0/3.0/5.0/10.0um. The structures obtained by a special biaxial stretching process are three-dimensional with interconnected pores. This advantage not only enables stable flow, but also exhibits excellent solid particle capture efficiency.

The hydrophilic/hydrophobic PTFE membrane produced by EF-Materials Industries Inc. has excellent separation and filtration effect in the following application fields:

Solid-liquid separation: wastewater filtration, organic solvent purification in chemical plants, wafer cutting fluid filtration, etc.

Gas-liquid separation: seawater desalination, medical equipment.

Liquid-liquid separation: oil-water separation.