News:<Technology of waterproof breathable membrane in electronic industry>

Posted by:info On 2022-01-21

The PTFE membrane with hydrophobicity can be made into waterproof and breathable membrane products. Our company can perform precise stacking and punching processing according to the customer's drawing and stack it with various materials such as double-sided tape, protective film, foam, gasket and so on. According to the design specified by the end, the combination of 9 layers of different materials can be completed at most.

The water pressure resistance level of the waterproof and breathable membrane is related to the waterproof membrane specification and the strength of the back adhesive. The water pressure resistance specification of the waterproof membrane can be up to 50M underwater and maintain excellent sound penetration performance. The adhesive attached to the waterproof breathable membrane can also be customized. Our company also has water pressure resistance equipment that can detect various shapes and sizes of adhesives. The detection range of water pressure resistance can reach up to 50M water pressure, and the constant pressure time can exceed 24hr, which can easily meet the needs of IP64~IP68.

The adhesiveness of the double-sided adhesive attached to the waterproof and breathable membrane can be tested by a tensile machine.

The color of the waterproof membrane can be customized according to customer needs. Currently, there are three kinds of white, gray and black. The birth of a variety of specifications is because our company actively cooperates with customer development and continuously produces customized products. After the successful mass production, it was converted into a public product. Changes in specifications include: thickness, color, water pressure resistance, air permeability, sound permeability, oil resistance, support material, etc.