EF-Materials Industries Inc.:ePTFE Filter Media

Posted by:info On 2022-01-21

EFM’s hydrophobic ePTFE Membrane not only presents the stereo asymmetry structure and great particle trapping but the excellent chemical, biological resistance it originally has, therefore our ePTFE membrane can be directly applied to liquid or gases filtration; moreover, because of its natural hydrophobicity, low friction and low adhesion, it owns great self-cleaning ability and could extend the service life. Moreover, the operation temperature of the ePTFE Membrane is up to 270℃. To improve durability, we also provide several polymer materials as supporting layers.


-  Filtration for acidic, alkaline and organic solvent
-  Filtration for industrial and domestic wastewater
-  Filtration for high temperature hot oil
-  Membrane bioreactor
-  Membrane distillation
-  Sea water desalinization
-  Hemodialysis


Core Techniques

-  Uniform membrane pore size distribution
-  Support materials can be selected as the custom’s requirement.
   e.g.: PET nonwoven, PET Net, PP nonwoven, PP Net...etc.