EF-Materials Industries Inc.:Breathable ePTFE/PE Gasket

Posted by:info On 2022-01-21

When a closed container contains volatile liquids such as chemicals and detergents, the volume expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature and pressure will cause the container to deform and cause the risk of liquid leakage or explosion. The ePTFE film produced by our company has excellent breathability, waterproof and dustproof functions. When combined with a polyethylene gasket, it becomes a powerful waterproof and breathable gasket and can be widely used in containers and packaging bags. In addition to being directly welded to the bottle body, it can also be combined with the bottle cap for easy operation.


  • Chemical manufacturing: hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, perchloride, peracetic acid, organic peroxide...etc.
  • Common products in daily life: hydrogen peroxide, detergent, bleach, food, enzymes...etc.
  • Bottlecap and container manufacturing: plastic containers, metal containers and their caps.

Waterproof & Breathable Mechanism


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